Urgent Cases

Meet Fred George. Both of his wings are injured, and he is in desperate need of medical attention. Some very kind people have been trying to watch out for him but realize he needs veterinary care. They would really like to see him get the help he needs and be able to live a long, happy, pain-free life. Anything you can give would help us get him medically assessed.  Thank you! 

Our volunteers were able to catch 2 injured geese at Suson Park, and they are with a certified rehabilitation facility being assessed and treated for their injuries. Once again we are dealing with fishing line. One goose has fishing line wrapped tightly around his leg digging into his flesh; the other goose has a wing issue.



The doctor determined that the wing injured goose had a fracture that had healed and recommended that he be released back to Suson park. So we did that. The fishing line was removed and he was put on antibiotics and pain killers. His leg is bandaged and he needs a quiet place where he will not get his injury wet for a week and the vet will recheck.Then he will need a few weeks to recover and then back to his pals at Suson Park. Again any donations would be appreciated! Thank you!

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