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GeesePeace St. Louis is a 501(c)(3) all volunteer nonprofit organization.


We work in cooperation with the

US Fish & Wildlife Service

Humane Society of Missouri

Wildlife Rescue Center

On these pages you will discover the characteristics and habits of Canada geese, as well as learn the importance of humane nest management. Whether you are experiencing

conflict with geese as a private resident or larger property owner, or you want to avoid

potential problems, we have useful information and resources for you.

Please Note:

Due to Avian Influenza, the MO Wildlife Rescue Center is asking that no one bring any bird to their center unless they have already made arrangements with you. Please, always call first. You can leave a message at Extension 201. They accept animals by appointment and answer/return calls 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, seven days a week.


Humane Wildlife Solutions, LLC

(Truly humane “pest control”)


Humane Goose Management

Salty Dog Group



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