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About Us

What is GeesePeace?

GeesePeace St. Louis provides a model program for the humane and effective management of urban Canada geese. GeesePeace St. Louis is a local 501(c)(3) nonprofit, all-volunteer organization. GeesePeace St. Louis works in cooperation with the Humane Society of Missouri, Wildlife Rescue Center, Missouri Department of Conservation, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Garry Guinn, founder of Humane Wildlife Solutions, LLC, rescues an injured duck while volunteering for GeesePeace St. Louis.

Goose deterrent mesh is placed around  areas near a building, where proprietors want to discourage geese from nesting. The birds will avoid ground that is covered with this material.

Two GeesePeace St. Louis specialists protect themselves and a goose, while exchanging wooden eggs for real ones. (Note the water jug for stage-testing the eggs.)

The same mesh that discourages nesting provides a sense of security to geese who have already begun the process. This simple yet ingenious idea, developed by an experienced GeesePeace St. Louis member, actually keeps the gander from attacking people who approach. He and his mate feel safe enough in their cordoned off home to leave passersby alone.

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