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About Canada Geese

Q: What are Canada geese doing in Missouri?

A: The name “Canada geese” is misleading. Not all Canada geese are actually from Canada! Canada geese who nest in Missouri during the spring are native to this area. They are descendants of geese who lived in the Midwest for thousands of years.


Q: Help! I have a pair of Canada geese nesting near a door at work! A goose chases anyone who comes near the door. What is going on? What can I do?

A: Spring is the Canada goose nesting season. Sometimes a pair of Canada geese will nest in an area that may create a problem. For example, a pair may nest in a planter box or a mulch pile near an entrance. The pair will patrol the area where they intend to place a nest. After the mother goose has laid all of her eggs, she will sit on the eggs (incubation) for approximately a month. During this time, the father goose will instinctively guard the area.


GeesePeace recommends  the property owner contact one of the following companies to remove the nest and encourage the geese to move elsewhere. These companies follow protocol approved by the Humane Society of the United States and will obtain the required US Fish and Wildlife registration for your site. Canada geese, their nests, and eggs are protected under Federal Law and should not be touched without this registration.


These companies are approved by GeesePeace St. Louis. They use a humane protocol in the treatment of the geese. 


Humane Wildlife Solutions, LLC   314-567-2060

Humane Goose Control   314-302-8779

Another Wild Goose Chase   636-219-1998

Gateway Goose Control   314-608-1228


If possible, try to avoid coming near the nest or use an alternate entrance. If unavoidable, use an open umbrella or trash can lid as a shield between yourself and the protective goose.


Q: Our homeowners association / business facility would like to humanely

control the number of geese on our property. What can we do?

A: Please leave your name, telephone number with area code, and a message with your concern on our voicemail (314-567-2081). A GeesePeace volunteer will return your call and explain options, such as humane egg addling or wooden egg replacement, to manage the population. GeesePeace can provide training for you or refer you to companies that will offer this service for a fee. If you would like us to handle your nest management, please fill out this short property consent form.


Q: I see an injured goose. Who should I call?

A: If you find an injured goose or what you believe to be an abandoned gosling, contact the following before taking any action:


Bi-State Wildlife Hotline   636-492-1610 or 1-855-945-3435 (1-855-WILD-HELP)

National GeesePeace Organization



There are four professional humane Canada goose management companies in the St. Louis area. GeesePeace recommends these companies:



Humane Wildlife Solutions, LLC

(Truly humane “pest control”)



Humane Goose Management

Salty Dog Group



GeesePeace St. Louis

PO Box 6246

Chesterfield, MO 63006-6246


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